About Us

About FreshOla Farm

One of the fastest growing startups in Bangalore and consumer space has sparked a new market opportunity providing home delivery of vegetables,fruits,organics and packaged throughout the Bangalore.


The Store is co-operated by Srikanth Gowda by qualification and have a good experience of Corporate sector as well as farming. Basically all of them are from farmer community. Given their technology background and need to meet daily requirements of vegetables,fruits,organics and packaged consumers in Bangalore, they started as FreshOla Farm

The Founders of the Fresh Ola Farm are working with deep concern positive public health. They want to initiate the revolution of the Farm-Fresh Vegetables and Garden-Fresh Fruits,Fresh Organics and Packaged. They have an experience of the vegetables selling on small scale. Now with corporate understanding, they want to widen their service to give natural taste flow for food lovers. Quality is a one word ethics and conducts for the company.

The Firm aims to these Visons :

  • Door Step Delivery
  • Delivering as FRESH as Possible
  • Superior Product Quality
  • Better Shelf Life of Produce than available in Market
  • Service with Price & Quality

With the motive of delivering fresh products, FreshOla Farm understands the health concerns of individual and is aligned in providing chemical free products at very convenient prices.


The vision behind start up is to provide consumers hassle-free, reliable and convenient delivery of Vegetables at their doorstep with most competitive market price. This firm operates through http://fresholafarm.com/ website where users can login and place orders.

Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of FreshOla Farm

Therefore providing customers with same day free return of any faulty product. We have also introduced Mobile Vans in our deliverable and non-deliverable areas as like a Sabzivala.

FreshOla Farm accepts orders over below mentioned modes:

  • www.fresholafarm.com
  • cmsupport@fresholafarm.com
  • (+91) 90660 20066